Seasonal Tips: Riding Safely in Autumn

Like it or not, Fall seems to be here. Below are a few motorcycle safety tips to remember as we navigate autumn:

  • Check air pressure in both tires. You should check this frequently. It is especially important with temperature variations. If you are unsure, the optimal pressure is stamped on the sidewall of your tires.
  • Check the remaining mechanics after riding all summer. Do you have enough tread remaining? Are brake pads still usable with no pulsing? Any noises or leaks?
  • Ride alert. Fallen leaves and rain will present new road hazards.
  • Stay warm. Fuller coverage helmets, leathers, layers, and heated gear are all great assets as the temperatures drop.
  • Ride ready. Take your rain suit with you for unexpected showers.
  • Stay hydrated. Since it is not hot you may neglect to bring a beverage with you but it’s important to stay well hydrated in all seasons.