Know Your Limits – Before you begin planning your modifications on a bike covered under Manufacturer’s Warranty, educate yourself. You should know that changes like adding any tuner (other than HD Street tuner) will void your warranty. Other changes like new bars or mufflers will not be a problem for keeping your warranty in tact.

Do Research – Nothing is worse than spending time and money updating your bike only to find something you like better after it’s too late. Take your time and look around at all the options. Read reviews and ask questions.

Body/Paint – Not all body kits fit the same and often times the off brand inexpensive ones are not a bolt on fit. Saving on parts can cost you in labor to make things fit properly. We are happy to advise on brands that we have found to be of good quality.

Exhaust – Karma can install new mufflers to change your sound. We can also install from the head pipe back as part of a stage 1 kit or anything in between.

Handlebars – Changing handlebars can do a lot to change not only the look of your bike but your riding position as well. Be aware that if you are changing from a stock setup to one with a much higher rise, you may also need new cables in order to reach. Though not all changes will require new cables.

Motorwork – Karma can help you reach your desired results in adding a little pep to your machine.

Seat – Seats are another way to change both the look and riding position on your bike. Specialty seats are available in many varieties for needs like:

  • lowering the rider closer to the ground
  • moving the rider further back from the controls
  • providing additional support

Sound System – Whether you are interested in just hearing your system going down the highway or you want something for competition level, Karma can hook you up. Come see us and let’s talk about what you need.